As part of the new year, I started rebuilding my home lab to retire my aging Mac Mini ESXi cluster with “new” Dell PowerEdge R220 servers. More on the Dell's later; however, this prompted me to change out my monitoring stack to start utilizing Prometheus’ node exporter. Since node exporter is very lightweight, I decided to start capturing telemetry from my Synology DS1517+ network area storage (NAS). I didn't see any documentation so I wrote something up.


You dependencies installed or configured before we get started:

Getting Started

The following should help you get node exporter running your Synology.

  1. SSH into you Synology
  2. Elevate your privileges to root sudo su
  3. Create and edit a new docker compose file vi docker-compose.yml
  4. Press i and paste in this docker compose template
  5. Press esc, then :, followed by wq and press enter save the template
  6. Now it is time to run your new container on your NAS by running the following command: docker-compose up
  7. Navigate to http://youripaddress:9100/metrics to see node-exporter's metrics

Feel free to provide feedback down below, but I hope that helps and good luck!